Why You Should Consider Word-of-Mouth Marketing

The traditional marketing is not dead. Word-of-Mouth Marketing (WOMM) continues to be the most effective practice for marketers.

People make a decision to purchase goods that they probably don’t really need but just their friend recommended. If you want to win in the business race, you need to unleash the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

If you still not sure about this marketing tactic, this infographic from Talk Triggers will give you the reasons why you should consider word-of-mouth marketing.

Word-of-Mouth marketing strategies

Customer experience is the most important strategy for word-of-mouth tactic. Your customers can be your good promoters. If they like you they will influence their friends and family to try your products/services.

Word-of-mouth marketing strategies can create brand awareness, increase sales and customer retention. Here are 7 steps to successfully implement a word-of-mouth in your marketing campaign.

1. Define your promoters

Not every customer are happy to be your promoter. You need to define the one that really likes you and happy to talk about you. If they keep coming back again and again, they are your target prospects.

2. Know your brand, products and services

Having in-depth knowledge about your brand can be a benefit to you when present products and services to your promoters. So, they can spread the words with confidence and effectiveness.

3. Research your competitors

You need to research what are your competitors best practice and what are their mistakes in order to stay ahead of them. You need to understand your industry and determine what your competition has to offer in terms of answers and solutions to any issues.

4. Build a strong relationship with your customers

Building a strong relationship with your customers is the best marketing strategy for word-of-mouth marketing. The more people connected with your brand means they are likely to recommend you to others. To build a strong relationship with your customers, be regularly active on social media and interact with your customers with a human touch. Answer any question promptly whether it’s positive or negative comments. The key is trying to be helpful and keep them up to date with your products and services.

5. Use social community

Building a social community on social media can help your brand engage with customers more effectively. Social community builds a good connection and a strong relationship. A community will help the brand collect loyal customers and keep them talking about products and services which will ultimately lead to increase sales.

6. Personalization

People love to be mentioned. Engage with them like your friends. Listen to what they are telling you. Constantly respond to your fans, followers, and customers with a human touch. Let them know their opinions are important to you. Mention their name in the comments whenever appropriate.

7. Loyalty program

Help your customers to become good promoters by helping them find ways to share within their circles and find ways to help move their conversations around. Create a Loyalty program or referral program and reward their best effort.


Create a story related to your brand’s products or services that will allow people to comment. If people talk about you, they are interested in what you are doing or serving. Use social media networks as your live channels to engage with them. One of my favourite channels is Facebook Messenger that allows my fans to chat with me in real time. How about yours?

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