Why Your Business Needs To Be On Snapchat

Social media platforms are a very popular tool today for businesses. Whether you are a millennial or Generation Z or pensioner, surely you have at least a social media account which you are really addicted to it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus, Pinterest, and the list goes on. Yes, most of the people cannot live without a social network. This is why social media is really important for businesses. The reasons your business needs strong social media presence are:

  1. Influence followers to interact with your marketing campaign.
  2. Drive more traffic to your website, blog, landing page and more.
  3. Help target audience makes a purchasing decision.
  4. Create brand awareness and build trust.
  5. Connect to both the local and global market.
  6. Boosts your website SEO.
  7. Understand your audience better.
  8. Build a strong relationship with your audience.
  9. Gain a competitive advantage.

Why Snapchat matters for your business?

Social media has provided the tools and means for businesses to take control and gain the benefit of marketing and sales. The social media giant like Facebook used to be the most popular social media platform for businesses but they are not any more.

According to Social Media Today: Facebook is now the fourth most popular social network for teen users in the U.S… The report shows YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the top 3 social media platforms amongst teen users respectively.

The challenge now does not just need a social media presence but you will need to understand your target audience better. Your passion and motivation to make it happens are not enough. Snapchat shares the report which showed that

  • 96% of Gen Z (age 13-17), influence their parents to spend and play an important role in their households.

  • 70% of Gen Z consider their friends to be like family.
  • 85% of Gen Z would prefer having a few very close friends rather than a large group they’re not as close to.

  • Gen Z spends most of their time on social media, listening to music, streaming favourite shows or movies, and play video games.
  • 65% of Gen Z would rather have a great mind and 60% would rather have a different experience every day.
  • Gen Z looks for influencers who are sexy, cool, being real, creative, genuine, innovative and unique
  • They have their own “slanguage” that they use regularly.

As you can see, teens like something fun, enjoyable, creative and innovative. Snapchat provides all features with every Gen Z will love such as filters, lenses and more. See how you can use Snapchat to build a brand and grow your business.


By understanding your audience, you can communicate with them more efficient. Social media like Snapchat can help you create a fun ad, make your audience happy and keen to watch, and interact with your brand. Do a research and create your buyer’s persona and plan your social media marketing strategy for business success. Now, over to you.

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