The Future of Work Is Here: Part 4 Enhance Your Skill and Earn A Better Income

Working from home is a dream job for many people who are struggling to manage their family issues while they need to be in at work. The remote works have been on the market for a long time, but no one seems to think it is good enough for their employment. The modern technology has given us better opportunity to make work-life more balance and the possibility to work from anywhere in the world. With so many recruiting tools out there, employers now are able to manage and control the work online.

If you want a dream job that allows you to work wherever you want, you may consider to add these skills to enhance your performance and earn a better income.


Data Science

Data Science is the best skill in the internet world. It’s an appealing career path because it can be used in corporate business and law, startups in new technologies, virtual reality (VR) and even SEO. We are living in the internet era that makes our daily lives as much easier and more convenient than ever. Many tech-startup companies use data to create value and analyze user behaviours to provide better services. A data scientist is the ones who will leverage all the data to create value for the company.

Where to start learning for free?

There are many free courses and tutorials that you can master your skills from machine learning to business analytics. You can improve your skills from start to achieve the most wanted dream job in the 21st century. Here are 64 free data science resources for the beginners.

Data Mining

The “Big Data” has inspired many businesses to jump into data science roles that make our career changing much more faster than some of us could ever imagine. The demand for tech-talent candidates are growing especially from 2018 onward we will see many businesses will open the door for more positions in data science and analytics fields.

According to “Data mining is the process of automatically sorting through large data sets to look for patterns and trends. It greatly exceeds the average data analysis you can do manually. Data mining can quickly take the guesswork out of data by looking for automated predictions of behaviour. That’s huge for anyone with limited time or know-how, allowing them to harness and interpret large amounts of data on their own.”

Where to start learning for free?

Learning about the concept of big data and data analytics will help you understand more about mining and analysis of Big Data. You can start the data mining journey from the beginning from these 45 great resources to learn data mining concepts and techniques.

How much Big Data and Data Scientist earn?

Harvard Business Review titled data scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century in 2012. The demand for skilled data scientists continues to be growing. According to Forbes:

  • There will be a 28% increase in the number of employed data scientists in the next two years.
  • Jobs requiring machine learning skills are paying an average of $114,000. Advertised data scientist jobs pay an average of $105,000 and advertised data engineering jobs pay an average of $117,000.
  • 59% of all Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job demand is in Finance and Insurance, Professional Services, and IT.
  • Annual demand for the fast-growing new roles of data scientist, data developers, and data engineers will reach nearly 700,000 openings by 2020.
  • By 2020, the number of jobs for all US data professionals will increase by 364,000 openings to 2,720,000 according to IBM.

Image Source

Image Source


With the growing of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the implementing of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, there is a more major concern for companies about their big data, privacy, and security. The internet connects almost everything we are using today like devices, mobile, TV, autonomous car, and so on that why businesses, organizations, governments need to keep it safe and protect it from cyber attack.

According to TechRadar: “Cybersecurity and information security (InfoSec) are both growing fields that anyone with an inherent interest in computing, maths or science should think about aiming for – there’s a decent living to be made.

Cybersecurity – also known as computer security or IT security – involves safeguarding computers and servers from unwanted tampering. That includes, oftentimes, theft, a commonly occurring threat in the world of technology. And as the threats faced by businesses multiply and mutate, the demand for cybersecurity experts has gone up.”

Where to start learning for free?

You can learn Cybersecurity from the beginning online for free forever just sign up for a free account and start enhancing a professional career. Here are some of them:

Cybrary Give you the opportunity to build up your cyber security and IT career for free. You can start learning and join the community or even finding an IT job or a cybersecurity job around the world. Cybrary is also available to download on Google Play, means you can even learn about Information Technology (IT) and Cybersecurity on the go.

Cyberaces Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity online courses for free. The courses are available for anyone who would like to make the internet more safe and secure. The course covers the three foundation areas of information security like operating systems, networking, and systems administration.

Cyberdegrees Provides both online degrees and degree programs that you can choose from. Cyberdegrees is good for anyone whether man, woman, child or career-changer who’s interesting in cybersecurity. The free courses are offered by universities in the US.

How much Cybersecurity earn?

Many industries are expecting to fill in the cybersecurity jobs in their companies and the demand is continuing to increase. Many security specialists work overtime, remotely, flexible hour and full time depend on what’s need to resolve the security issues. With the high demand for cybersecurity professionals, the expected rate of growth for cybersecurity is 28 percent and will continue to increase.

According to Chron: “A persistently higher volume of hacking attempts, increased digital connectivity with smart devices and persistently higher volume of hacking attempts, increased digital connectivity with smart devices and wider adoption of the Internet of Things will create the need for 28,500 more cybersecurity jobs by 2026. Job openings for information security analysts who specialize in computer systems design will grow by 56 percent.”

The normal salary progression for cybersecurity analysts is depended on the years of experience. Here is the breakdown of each level:

  • 1-2 years: $87,007-$92,487
  • 3-4 years: $88,514-$93,857
  • 5-6 years: $91,802-$96,940
  • 7-9 years: $93,446-$98,766
  • 10-14 years: $94,131-$99,468
  • 15-19 years: $94,131-$99,468
  • 20 or more years: $94,131-$99,468


If you want a career-changer to increase your income and work your dream job you will need to build this skill that will help you get more pay. The potential to increase earning is to add new skills to your resume and bring to the table for an employer. The better skills you have will advantage more value than other candidates and that means the higher you have a chance to negotiate your wage or salary. Take the time to learn and earn a better income. Good luck!

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