The Future of Work Is Here: Part 3 AI Is Changing Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the recruiting process whether the way recruiters and agencies discover or hire the right talents, the AI can make it much more accurate and easier.

AI and machine learning help analyze a mass amounts of data based on job description and prediction that enable recruiters with decision making. Finding the top talent the company needs is the challenge. By adopting and embracing AI will make their recruiting process a lot easier and improve the hiring process overall.

How can AI help recruiters?

Here’s what AI can help recruiters on their daily tasks.

  • Find the best talent that matched.
  • Make a contact with them.
  • Conduct automated video interviewing between recruiter and the candidate.
  • Reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process.
  • Standardise interviews and CV evaluation.

According to CNBC: The Russian startup has created Robot Vera, an AI-based software technology, that helps recruit and hire humans. Robot Vera was born in 2016 and has been helping clients saved time and cost of recruitment. Vera can source online resumes and cover letters of the matched candidates, calls applicants, and sets up a video interview using speech recognition to ask and answer questions, screen the right candidates who passed the interview and passed on to HR manager for the final hiring decision. Vera can make thousands of calls a day, 24/7, which means that she is able to recruit candidates who live in different time zones. Vera also supports 68 languages including English, Russian and Arabic.

Another AI-based Recruiting software is HireVue. HireVue has introduced an AI Recruiting technology that can screen those candidates by looking into their eyes then the AI can analyze the performance and rate the candidates. Here’s how it works in actions.

AI has improved job search and many businesses are implementing AI into their HR. AI is changing the HR rules and you will need to understand how it works.

AI can analyze emotions by using eye-contact and rate how you feel. Watch the video below:

How to win a job interview and get hired even you are an introvert

If you are an introvert and want a dream job you will need to get ready and well prepare yourself for next step of a job interview. You may be heard a lot about the tips to win a job interview like dressing to impress, showing off your best knowledge in a good manner and information, be calm and be confident, and the list goes on…..but….how are you supposed to get your dream job when you’re not a good presenter and being an introvert?

As mentioned above, you know that AI Recruiter will analyze your performance and rate you as the right candidate by using eye-to-eye and how you interact while you’re answering the questions. If you are an introvert and feeling nervous, this guide can help you nail your interview and get that dream job whether you are interviewing with AI recruiter or human.

Courtesy of: CashNetUSA


To win a dream job is not just go for applying and interviewing. To win a dream job means you will need to improve your knowledge and enhance your skill. What skill you need to win a dream job that pays you a better income and have a happy life. Will a robot take over your job? How to survive in the workplace that is using automation and more sophisticated technology. To be continued.

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2 thoughts on “The Future of Work Is Here: Part 3 AI Is Changing Recruitment

  1. All points are worthy that is related with HR and all about its new trends.AI-based applications or software saves your time by pre-screening candidates.
    So its helpful for all for those who want to find the top talent.


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