The Future of Work Is Here: Part 1 AI Helps You Find a Dream Job

These days, we have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL) and so on. All of these sophisticated technologies are changing our working life from searching for a job to landing a dream job. AI can help you with that including working and collaborating with remote teams around the clock.

You may used to work full-time in the office environment from 9 am. to 6 pm. on workdays and enjoyed your break on weekend, but this is gradually changing today. Now, you can work from anywhere in the world, anytime you want and any styles you wear. The future of work is here!

Future of Jobs Searching

Finding the best-match jobs would be spending a long day. With the most jobs are online now there much easier and quicker for a job seeker to find the right job with the help of artificial intelligence.

According to Forbes:

  • 95% of recruiting effort and money spent in the market is wasted.
  • 95% of interview end without a hire.

The good news is that AI will help us solve the potential effects on job searching and matching right candidate with the right job. In fact, it’s affecting every stage of the application process. The job hunt has become a truly daunting process.

Here are how AI technologies can help you find a job easily and conquer the desired career field.

1.Google Job Search

You can now search for a dream job right in your Google search. It’s the same process as you search for some other things. You can just type the query in the regular search box or use voice search like “[your dream job] in [the preferred location]” then click on a list of the results available as simple as that.

Google has launched an AI-powered search engine that combines Google search, machine learning, job boards, human resources agencies and applicant tracking systems to help you find work in your area in partnership with LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook. You can even set an alert when the position you’re looking for is available and Google will notify you. This tool is very useful for both job seekers as well as employers.

See how to find your next job with Google search.


This app is designed to assist you for jobs searching in IT-industry. It is a new generation app created by two former Google employees, Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou. They want to help job seekers who looking for jobs in the tech field find a dream job easier. The app integrates with the leading companies like Uber, Dropbox, Zoom and many more. You can download the app on iOS and create your personal profile. It’s simple to use, you just choose preferred job type and company you are interested in. will match the information you have provided with company requirements and let you know instantly. Your resume will be automatically sent to a recruiter if there is a match, make the whole process much easier.

3. Social Media

That’s right! Social media platforms are good places for landing your dream job. You can either find jobs by connecting with companies you are interested to work for, or joining industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn to add the opportunity for job searching. By connecting with the group of people who have the same interest will open a chance to chat, connect, share stories, and ask for help. Join Meetup group in your area and network with other professionals in your field. Try to be helpful to people in your network and help them as much as you can so you will keep the good relationship with the group members and they will help you in return.

Social media like Facebook and LinkedIn are using AI for their search ranking. Your social media profiles could be found by the recruiters through the platforms as well as you can search a company you want to work for. Your social media profiles also help the recruiters know more about you too.


It’s clear that AI already helps job seekers to put up with job opportunities today. AI has also cut waste, create efficiencies and streamline the process of matching the talent candidates with jobs.

But how AI helps you land a dream job?

To be continued.

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