12 Tools That’ll Help Remote Team Increase Productivity and Effectiveness

As we are in the age of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, and so on. We are lucky that the digital world this day has supported our work from home business. Today, we have seen an increasing number of remote jobs that allow us to work from anywhere in the world at our comfy place. Yes, the opportunities are out there but the road to get your dream job and make money is not as easy as making a cup of cappuccino.

Working from home is also need collaboration and connection. If you work for a company that allows you to work remotely, you still need to collaborate with team members or connect with your networks. Here are 12 tools that’ll help the remote team increase productivity and effectiveness.


There are various AI-based tools out there for Human Resources team to automate their daily tasks like screening right candidates, managing recruiting workflow, scheduling an interview and more. Here are some AI-based tools that may be fit to your needs.

Recruitee has so many tools right inside the platform to help you manage tasks and track the progress of your team activities within a job. You can manage candidates profiles and schedule a call with ease. Integration with the Slack to get real-time updates where your remote team is and send a notification to many Slack channels. See insight of data and analytics in one dashboard. This tool is simple, clean and has everything your remote team need to work on the go.

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Survey Sparrow help you easily create an employee survey to improve the workplace and measure employees’ satisfaction. Rich Dashboard gives you the instant alerts directly to your inbox so you’ll never miss any updates, even if you log off from the platform. You can personalised conversation to engage each employee and see what they are happy with or what they aren’t that way the company can ensure their people are happy.

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Sales and Marketer

Sales and marketers have many overloaded tasks each day. Choosing easy-to-use tools and day-to-day management makes it easy for them to get jobs done even on the go, allowing them to work seamlessly and plan to increase sales rather than just boring paperwork.

Prospect is a sales automation platform that will increase your sales team productivity. This tool will help your sales team find prospect’s email address on Chrome extension, websites, or social media profiles in just one click. Simple send emails or use Drip Campaigns to set up a sequence of emails and automatically follow-ups easily. By using the templates your prospect information will be automatically filled up and you’ll be able to track everything.

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The QR Code Extension will help you create a QR Code for anything you want to use it for even commercial. The two-dimensional barcode is readable by smartphones and you need an appropriate software installed on your phone. See Examples of software below.

You can generate QR Code for display text to a user, open a URL, save a contact to the address book or compose text messages, phone number or SMS.

Customer Service Advisor

Your remote team can work better to help customers get the answers they are looking for by using the most powerful customer service tools. There are many Chatbot tools and texting tools out there to choose from but here are some of best tools that’ll help your customer service advisor team build up a lasting relationship with customers.

Skipio is a texting tool for customer engagement. The platform is driving results through messages that allow your customer service team to personalised text messages and talk privately with customers. Your team can understand customers better and track everything to see customers interaction. This simple and modern style tool is best for all business sizes.

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Livechat is a simple and easy to navigate live chat tool that you can install on your website and mobile phone. This 24/7 live chat allows customers to leave messages while the business close which customer services team can reach out as soon as they back online again. Remote team members can be online at once. Live chat mobile app allow your remote team ease to the business website and texting or chatting with people while they on the move.

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Social Media Manager

There are opportunities for remote full-time social media manager/marketer that really exist this day. Many people work as freelancers or working remotely from anywhere and get pay per hours or monthly as social media managers. But remote work requires coordination with different teams, many people, and need high project management skills. With a good tool, social media manager can schedule social posts at the right time and achieve their social media marketing campaigns. Here are some of social media marketing tools that you may consider.

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that will help you schedule and share your content on every social media network and manage all your social media accounts from one place. The tool will help you follow, unfollow inactive accounts, engage with your followers and keep an eye out on your competitors’ followers. It makes the whole process of social media marketing a lot faster and easier for a remote team.

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Social High Rise is the best social media management tool for restaurant and bar. With this tool, you can save time and money while building brand and customer loyalty. For social media manager and remote teams, this tool can make their daily tasks much easier and more effective on social media network by integrating Slack to keep everyone in the loop and make online communication a little more fun.

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Content Creator

Being a prolific content creator doesn’t just mean creating more “stuff” or working faster. Being a prolific content creator is something different. In order to become a really great content creator, you need to have a strong understanding of subject, materials, tools and a good mindset to create great content that people love to read, likes and shares. The best way to improve your creative idea is to practice and know what tools are best for you. Here are some tools that’ll help you become a great content creator.

Screencastify gives you the ability to record your screen right from Chrome. This free Chrome extension can record your entire desktop, current tab, an application, or just your webcam. The tool is easy to use and give you the flexibility to embed your webcam anywhere in your recording, narrate with your microphone, and even record offline then go online to upload it on Google Drive or YouTube. Simple share your video link on anywhere your team is. The premium plan is only $24 per user per year without watermark credit, unlimited recording length and number of videos, export as .MP4 / animated GIF, and the ability to crop or trim videos.

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Screencastify Premium

SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant – this Google Doc Add-on will give a content creator the ability to check the SEO potential of a new piece of content in real-time. You can work directly with Google Doc and receive a live score based on your content readability, word count, and use of recommended keywords in your text and title. You will need a SMErush account to create an SEO content template.

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Self-employed and Startup

Starting your own business from scratch requires a step-by-step plan as well as manage your money spending. As a small business, you will need to budget on how to build the brand, growing customer list, and manage all the bookkeeping tasks effectively. Collaboration with a team is also important to run the small business that has remote teams in the different area. How to make your small business run smoothly including branding, daily administration, accounting, and management. Here are some good tools that can help you with.

QuickBooks is the best tool that helps you boost your efficiency and help you work better with remote teams and customers on the go. With a packed of effectively features, this tool can help small business manage books anytime on multiple devices, team or accountant can log in and work with the data online, synced and backed up your data automatically to track control of your cash flow, instantly see business performance with customizable reports and dashboard, track your expenses, and manage your business on the go.

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Logojoy is AI-powered logo designer that will help you create a unique and stunning logo for your business. You and remote team can work together to discuss the best design whether colours, fonts, styles, icons, and much more by using preview option. It’s an easy and straightforward logo designer tool that powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Collaboration is an essential component of performance for working from home or remotely whether you are collaborating with one other colleague or teams in an organisation, collaboration on a project or various organisations, or working on behalf of your customers to deliver best results. How can you collaborate with a remote team more effectively? Here are some ideas.

1. Be clear of communication and information.

2. Be Focus on business goals and outcome.

3. Be compromise and focus on the problem, not people.

4. Be open to learning the new way of thinking and doing things.

5. Be organise to meet the deadline.

6. Be aware of your bias and judgements about others regardless of the source.

7. Be technology savvy and using tools proficiency.

Over to you!

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