5 Tips Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Social Media Marketing Effectiveness (+ AI-based Tools)

Artificial Intelligence has hit the social media marketing world and change the way we collect, categorize and optimize the massive data of customer behaviour information. Today, social media is not just a platform for having fun with friends and family but it’s obviously another channel for advertisers as well.

Many businesses research AI and integrate with the software to make it more modern and smart. Not only Tesla and Facebook, but also global giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Apple that bring AI into their businesses.

How AI helps social media marketing?

Social media has changed the way we operate whether direct communication on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn you can respond to a customer in real time. The number of people using social media is a fast growing that turns businesses to must join it because it’s the platform where their customers are. It’s also an effective way to reach the target audience and building relationship, send awareness and create engagement which means better opportunity to get more sales.

Social media platforms provide analytics tools that help the marketer to keep tracking the progress and engagement of their promotions or advertising campaigns. The growth of social media is what we have to put in mind when planning a campaign. Take these statistics to analyze how you can use social media to expand your market. The infographic shows what happens in every 60 seconds of each social media.

Infographic source

Statistics tell us that social media are collecting massive of users data and behaviour that business can take advantage of better reach the target audience. AI has been a best friend to help business analyze data and understand the target audience behaviour more accuracy.

5 tips AI can improve your social media marketing Effectiveness (+ AI-based Tools)

1. Better understand your target audience.

Artificial Intelligence is helping business to understand and personalise future engagements with their customer much better than before. Every time we use mobile, search the web, or make a purchase, all the data is collected and saved in the cloud. Social media have used AI and machine learning to enable brands to target the right audience, pushes special offers and ads that appeal to them based on user behaviours.

Tip: The best way to understand your target demographic is “Create a customer persona”. You can do this by doing market research, look at your competitor best practice, monitor customers review, and conduct qualitative surveys.

Tool: SurveySparrow can help you create an enjoyment poll that appeals participation. With this tool, you can benefit from create personal engaging surveys and easily share across multiple channels to reach your audience instantly. It’s mobile-first surveys tool with the conversational interface that keeps your audiences engaged on the go. You can organize contacts and reach out to the right audience, recurring the surveys, embedded the surveys directly onto your website or product, and see the insight reports. Learn more.

2. Build your brand from the ground up.

Everyone uses social media. If you’re not using social media to build your brand, you are missing out a great opportunity to show who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Advertisers are using social media to promote brand awareness and engage with a target audience. With the help of AI, machine learning and deep learning, brands are able to target the right audience, create a powerful campaign based on user interests.

Tip: As a small business, building a brand can take longer than expected. You need to show up everywhere your target audiences are, be consistent, create trust, add value to your contents and products that customer will benefit, associate with a strong brand, and partner with local businesses. There are many ways you can build the brand awareness but to use a good tool can help your brand establish a long terms relationship with a target audience.

Tool: Good Audience can help you engage with audience effectively, build your brand from the ground up, generate traffic to your website and improve content creation strategies to reach your audience. Learn more.

3. Improve search algorithms to personalize results.

Every time you use social media or search engine like Google, the AI gathers and scans your activities. Social media like Facebook, for example, has a huge information of user activities such as posting, tracking, joining groups, page likes, and everything your friends have posted in the past week. Facebook’s News Feed algorithm ranks your news feed according to what you are interested in each post and how your friends interact with each post. If you click on one of the posts you want to read, it will be matched but if you’re not interested in reading, AI will learn and collect feedback to improve feed performance. Here is how Facebook’s AI algorithm works.

Tip: Your social media profiles and posts rank in search engines too. When I searched “Amazsites” on Google, it showed all social media profiles and contents posted on each social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Instagram. But what they know about Amazsites, is so amazing, moving to the next SERPs and I can see more results about Amazsites on other websites like what people shared, mentioned and listed about us and our contents. Also, all our works are showed on there too. Here what it looks like on the first page in Google.

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Social media are search engines as well. People also use social media channels to find what they’re looking for. If someone wants to find your company, they’re more likely to search on the social media where they are already on.

Tool: AFS (Advanced Search For Facebook) is a free Chrome extension that allows you to do specific graph searches to find stories, connections, photos, events and people on Facebook. Marketers can find target audience by place, interest and more. Recruiters can search candidates’ profiles. Job seekers can connect with HRs, CEO can connect with other CEOs for a business opportunity, and so on.

You can dig deeper into search people and posts by clicking on “other searches” at the top right just below the profile name.

4. Recommend product and help e-commerce get more sales.

Artificial Intelligence enables a business to analyze customer behaviours to more effectively prediction and recommend the right product. Pinterest, for example, uses AI to help guide pins and related products to the user. Pinterest has acquired Kosei a startup software company that specialises in image recognition and search to personalised product recommendation meaning that user will see only relevant content, and spam users or spam content are no longer accessible. Pinterest has become the e-commerce giant by recommending the relevant products to its users based on content pinned on the network.

Tip: Your e-commerce product pages should be improved and keep it up to date. Make your website easy to navigate and have enough information for the customer to learn about your products. Make sure that product images are of best quality and show at the right angle. Check your videos have a good quality of sound/effect/voice and are mobile friendly that customers can watch on the go. Show in stock levels, delivery, and return policy. Have a call-to-action on each product page. Provide Chatbot or help in case they need to talk.

Tool: Findify can be your good friend to manage all tips and tricks for your e-commerce marketing. It uses machine learning and Big Data to understand the intent of users and turn visitors into customers by real-time personalized search and recommendations. Smart Collections will rank the products based on each and every customer behaviours. You can track and view insights reports to better understand how your customers interact with your store. Learn more.

5. Create strong CRM

Building brand loyalty is not as easy as you can imagine. If you want to make your voice heard and boost engagement, you will need to be on social media and use it consistently to build brand loyalty. Customers will be happy if they can communicate directly to the brand in real-time. You need to show up on all of the platforms you use and respond quickly. But to make sure that your presence on social media is consistent and you are offering encouragement content that engages, AI can be a match.

AI-based tools and chatbot are making such a powerful way to connect with the target audience. In terms of building brand loyalty and strong CRM, consider using Chatbot will allow you to save time and achieve an effective customer relationship as well as provide the accurate data analytics based on customer behaviours.

Facebook, for example, introduced a Messenger Chatbot called “M” which uses a combination of human contractors and AI software to answer queries and perform tasks for users. Unfortunately, Facebook’s M was shut down on January 19th, however, Facebook is still keeping its “M Suggestions” feature. Facebook also allows a developer to create a messenger bot for free on messenger platform. Here is how you can build a Facebook Messenger Bot.

Tip: Customers will love your brand if they can trust the products, communicate, get help quickly and in real-time. With the growing of Chatbot and Messenger platforms, you can connect with customers anywhere anytime. Read more: 6 TIPS TO BUILDING STRONG CRM STRATEGY

Tool: Skipio allows you to talk privately with your customers, send them a personal message, and integrate with your favourite CRM tools. You can send voicemail to their phone without ringing. Send personal messages from a 10-digit phone number. Automatic deliver your messages to customers. Tracking links allow you to follow-up and close sales. Send your message to each one in the group and so on. Learn more.

There are some alternative AI-based chat tools that you may consider such as LiveChat, Agent.ai, and MyFeelBack.


There are many media services that invest in AI and you may already use some of those. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Microsoft Cortana, are AI-based voice search/assistant. In 2014, Google acquired DeepMind, an AI research company, to help analyse and deduce patterns to achieve objectives. DeepMind’s deep learning tools have been implemented across the entire spectrum of Google’s products and services including speech recognition, image recognition, fraud detection, detecting and identifying spam, handwriting recognition, translation, Street View, and Local Search.

All of this advancement help improve our online experience, as well as increased the accuracy of big data analytics in the internet world. As a small business, analyze massive customers information and usage history can be a hard job and spend too much effort. It may be better to consider a best social media marketing tool that matches your business needs and save your time for gaining more revenue.

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