Every brand has its own story and it’s your job to uncover your brand story by telling it to your target audience and build a successful business on personal and emotional connections with individual customers.

People would like to know what the brand is about. People love to hear the inspirational story, how it happened, why it happened, when it happened and finally what’s happening right now?

Storytelling is all about past, present, and future. You need to draw the pictures of your journey and carefully considering the details.

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Here are 3 ways to build a brand that people will love through storytelling.

#1. Create a compelling brand story to gain people’s trust.

Building a brand trust is not just the design or colours. In fact, customers trust the brand who delivers its promise again and again. Customers don’t trust the brand that they can’t depend on. Build trust leads to brand loyalty and turns customers into your promoters.

Create a compelling brand story that represents your brand personality, consistency, and persistence to meet their expectations and deliver on its promise in every interaction. The key is you need to understand your audience before you start creating the brand story by doing a survey and measure how likely they would purchase your products or services. Tools like SurveySparrow can help you create the survey easily. You can see the deep insights report and turn the interactions into a personal conversation.


An example of a brand that builds trust: Starbucks has a good storytelling secret ‘Don’t make the story about a product; make the story about people’

#2. Keep up with new technologies to make people love.

Many brands are welcoming new technology like VR to offer customers as the new way to experiences the story they are telling. Virtual Reality (VR) can be a fantastic way for brand storytelling to encourage customers’ loyalty.

Storytelling is about the art of bringing people on an emotional journey. Technology can enhance the emotion and passion to get the most effective reaction through the new process of this new form of communication.

According to Google: Study participants like VR because it allows them to participate rather than simply be immersed in an experience.

“Some people love it because they want to feel a certain way, for example, being happy or sad or scared; and, for others, it enables the opportunity to embody an external entity like becoming a bird, a tree or simply someone living on the other side of the world,” wrote Erica Anderson, lead of the Google News Lab, in a blog post.

VR and AR are the buzzwords for marketers in 2018. How does VR actually work? As a digital marketer, you will need to know how VR and AR will be changing user interactions within the next few years. Now, you’ll have more subjects to learn!

Virtual Reality (VR) is already here to help brands and marketers offer the new way to connect with customers. Here is an example of Virtual Reality 360° video using Oculus Rift headsets to help the viewers experience on virtually driving the new SEAT Ateca through the streets of Barcelona.

#3. Telling the brand story on social media to encourage people to interact and share the words.

Social media has provided a new platform for brand storytelling that modern marketers can use it as a powerful channel to encourage people likes, comments, and shares the words. Many biggest brands are using social media to connect with their customers through storytelling on a deeper emotional and inspirational messages.

According to CoSchedule’s research: “Post with a higher emotional value get more shares.” The best tools can help you manage your social media marketing more effectively like Social High Rise (best for restaurant and bar), NapoleonCat, and Repost which you can get a free account.

There are many great examples of storytelling on social media that can inspire your next ideas but this one I thought it’s a good one, not because of the brand but the story itself. Here is Apple Watch storytelling by the real customers. The customers are telling how the product is helping them live healthier lives. The video has been watched more than 2 Million views on YouTube. Hope you enjoy watching this video.


Storytelling is powerful when you do it right and it will live on. Your story will build the foundation of trust if it is based on the truth. A story has its heroes and characters with unfulfilled desires, so develop visual content that has a human touch and know what connects your customers to you.

Once you find the human touch of your brand, you can start to consider how your brand or products can help people live their lives better and craft your story around that. if your customers hook up with your story on an emotional level, they will want to be part of it. And that is the whole point of building a brand that people will love through storytelling.

Over to you!


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