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The future of recruiting process is changed by the new technology. Artificial Intelligence has come into the routine recruitment functions.

For this very motive, artificial intelligence has been brought within the area of recruitment to ensure that the right sources meet the proper corporation.

For any employer, recruiting process is a challenge to identify the right candidates amongst hundreds of job applications with the possibility of human errors.

How can AI enhance the recruitment process

In recruitment, a human touch is crucial and notwithstanding the reality that quite a few the approach can be achieved the usage of AI, recruiters will continuously need to talk to and meet with candidates and customers.

Recruitment may be very process-driven so let’s look at some of the methods artificial Intelligence can be used to make it less complex for recruiters and a higher enjoy for applicants.

According to HRDive: “Companies such as Facebook, GE, IBM, Hilton Worldwide, SAP and many others have been slowly adding data analytics to their recruitment practices. A few years ago, it was unheard of to scan candidate resumes for data, but now it’s commonplace. Machine intelligence is being used to scan through other aspects of candidate information, such as their social media content, their facial expressions, even their work samples to identify top candidates – and weed out the undesirables.”,

How AI can enhance your recruiting process? Here are 3 ways AI can help you get the right candidates.

#1. Improve candidate screening and matching.

Screening CVs and shortlisting applicants to interview is predicted to take 23 hours of a recruiter’s time for a single position. presently there are some AI tools that can interact the candidate when making use of for a position inside a corporation. but, imagine if it became viable wherein businesses can initially display applicants by using having them interact with an AI chat container or similar, answering common candidate questions wanted at some stage in the qualification degree. this will help recruiters effectively check the candidate in the quickest manner possible.

Most recruiters generally tend to determine on a candidate in the first five minutes of a meeting, based on a diffusion of reasons. With AI included in the recruitment manner, candidates are given a score on which a minor component is based totally on the informal interview. This has caused an increased focus on the candidate’s abilities and removes the scope for prejudice throughout interviews.

By means of using AI in recruitment, companies had been capable of pick out the success rate of candidates the usage of parameters like their achievements, goals at previous enterprises, and so on. If we are able to match this information with recruitment, it’ll be a clear indication of whom to employ for optimum success in the agency.

#2. Automate interview scheduling.

The potential of generation to determine who ought to meet for a process interview – through matching preferences, talents, and stories – will growth thanks to AI and device mastering.

When it comes to scheduling the interview, it’s not at all uncommon for an extended drawn-out back-and-forth to take location between candidates and employers concerning time and location. artificial intelligence can take on dealing with this ping-pong of sorts to schedule conferences to a varying degree of success.

It may be inefficient and labour-in depth for a worker to locate availability amongst several stakeholders to satisfy with a candidate. online tools, which include Breezy, automate interview scheduling to some extent and permit a company to commit their time to better-precedence tasks.

#3. Analyze data and determine the best-suited candidates.

The data-driven decisions are complicated and require an unbelievable amount of information. It’s difficult to identify and understand all these types of analyses which possibly inefficiencies in the hiring process.

For recruitment agencies, AI can be an incredible assistant to your recruitment marketing efforts. However, new advancements in recruitment technology along with End-to-End Analytics, now make it viable for recruiters to do things like discovering the nice resources for first-class candidates. in the end, this kind of technology lets in candidates to make their manner similarly down the recruitment funnel before they’re visible by human eyes, helping remove biases along the way and bringing us toward “blind hires”.

AI recruitment marketing tools are already here

Online recruitment has emerged as the primary way human beings look for jobs and experts alike. The access to huge famous brands like Google, Facebook and Microsoft into the recruitment area most effective underscores how large the online recruitment pie has grown over the years. For HR and skills acquisition professionals, that is a welcome fashion as they’ll benefit from the elevated marketplace competition and innovation as the recruitment advertising and marketing area maintains to evolve.

Here are some AI recruitment marketing tools that you may consider to add to your recruitment marketing strategy.


AI recruiting that can helps your recruiter team save time on recruiting tasks, improve candidate experiences and engagement, make each recruiting decision primarily based on benefit, and make better hires.

How it works:

  • Screen candidates automatically, in real-time, with incredible accuracy.
  • Bring in top talent from the external candidate pools you already use such as CareerBuilder or ZipRecruiter.
  • Use AI to scour your existing applicant pool for top candidates. Optimize your talent pool in seconds.
  • No new logins or interfaces to learn. Ideal works like a real human assistant, right inside your existing ATS/CRM.


AI recruiting software will help you hire better and reach your recruitment marketing goals. Breezy is easy to use and help you get recruiting tasks done more efficiently.

How it works:



  • Drag & drop pipeline management help you customize your pipeline for each stage of a position.
  • Upload or email candidates in bulk or individual in one easy step.
  • Collaborate with your team anywhere you go.
  • Integration is straightforward either Gmail or Office 365 conversations.



  • Convenience interview scheduling as your candidates can choose the best available time with self-scheduling.
  • Find the right candidates and source them in one click with Breezy Chrome extension, directly from LinkedIn, Indeed, Xing, Github, AngelList and more.
  • See deep insights into a flexible, simple dashboard.
  • Live video interviews help you and team schedule live, group video interviews with video responses in your own forms and questionnaires, or record and watch the interview with your applicants on the go. Breezy video features are mobile-friendly.
  • Download Breezy mobile apps for iOS and Android to get your communications, notifications, review and respond or score the candidates anywhere anytime.

My Ally

Meet Alex, he can help you save time, engage with candidates across time zones, integrate with Google maps to get the meeting location and direction, follow up the meeting schedule automatically, respond and react like a human.

My Ally is an artificial intelligence startup for revolutionize calendaring and recruiting tech with AI assistant Alex.

How Alex works:

  • Save your time in the recruiting process.
  • Faster integrating on your ATS and your email client with no plugins or software required.
  • Combines social etiquettes and conversational using NLP to respond and react like a human.
  • Sync with your resource calendars to book interview rooms.
  • Optimizes and improve your recruiting process more efficient.
  • Schedules and follows up to increase conversions.

AI is already a warm topic in HR and plenty of AI-fueled tools are effectively available to the enterprise’s professionals, all presenting to streamline workloads and assist obtain objectivity and consistency across more than one HR responsibilities.

Used accurately, AI may be incorporated into recruitment processes to maximise performance and assist companies, both large and small, in making smart and confident hiring decisions.

Does your business use any of AI recruiting tools?


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