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Have you heard Google news recently?

Google has announced the new products that use AI and Machine Learning to help users do their works easier and quicker. AI has been used for many things, but in this article, we will talk about only what Google AI products can do for your marketing strategy and how to implement them.

Here are six ways your business can be implemented Google AI products into your online marketing strategy.

#1. Smart Reply in Gmail can help you respond quicker and easier on the move.

Your Gmail inbox is more exclusive with Gmail Smart Reply (Gmail mobile app) available on iOS or Android. By using machine learning and AI to generate 3 common response options for the emails you receive, you can easily reply to the sender even on the move.

AI and machine learning will generate appropriate responses, based on your email behaviour. This feature is to help user responses to the important email like work, home or meeting appointment etc. that will need answers as soon as possible.

Gmail Smart Reply will show up only emails that pose a specific question, sent to you personally and not newsletters, promos, or auto-generated emails.

Marketers can use this feature to respond to customers or teams much quicker when they are busy and have no time to do so in the case of urgent matters.

It also provides an option to tweak as you like. See how it works below.



#2. Cloud Search can help you access to information you need quickly when you need it.

With Google Cloud Search help, your team can get important information quickly when they need it. Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, the way you search has never been easier as you just type questions into Cloud Search with simple language. You can ask a question like “When’s my meeting next Friday?, or “Documents shared with me by Mike?”

Imagine, when preparing a meeting with a team or customer what relevant documents you will probably need. With the help of Cloud Search that use machine intelligence to organize and present information, your meeting success is set.

Cloud Search can also look for relevant conversations from Gmail and information about attendees from your directory. Watch Cloud Search in action below.



#3. G Suite can help you organize works and share it with customers and teams all in one place.

Productivity and creativity are the most important works that every business needs. You probably have many tasks to do during a day but don’t have enough time. G Suite can help you organize your works, connect with customers and team, collaborate with the team to get more productivity and better creativity, keep your security and privacy in control. Here are some ideas.

Organize your works – using Google Drive to store all your works in one place and share it with your team or customers with Google Cloud Search. No worry with all the file updates as it will be automatically saved and stored in Drive.

Connect with customers and team – using Calendars to find your team availability and book the meeting with them using Gmail automatic invitation. You can do video conference when meeting with them on any devices with Hangout too. Share your contents or information on social media for a business like G+ to keep all your VIPs in connection.

Collaborate with the team for better creativity and productivity – G Suite provides all tools you need for collaboration either with team or customers. You can create your works, projects, quotations, invoices, notes or any documents by using Doc, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Keep (organize your ideas and to-do list) and Jamboard (digital whiteboard).

Keep your security and privacy in control – your data is protected and safe with Admin. You can add new users or create groups, manage devices and keep all privacy in control with 2-step verification and single-sign-on (SSO).

Mobile management will help you keep data secure on any of your staff’s devices either iOS or Android. You can even lock or wipe devices remotely if in case of lost or staff turnover.

Watch the success story below.

Via G Suite

#4. Google Chrome Extensions can help your business to go international with ease and accuracy.

There are thousands of extensions on Chrome that people added on their Chrome browsers every day. If you are a non-English business and plan to expand to international, Chrome extensions may be the right solutions for you. Here’s how.

Add Google Translate on your Chrome browser to help you write accurately, understand correctly, and translate automatically from any web page into your own language.

Add Google Dictionary on your Chrome browser to help you view definitions easily while browsing the web. By double-click any word, the small pop-up will show its definition. It also stores a history of words you’ve looked up so you can find them later.

#5. Google social media platforms can help increase sales and building relationship with target audience.

G Suite has also connected you with Google social media like Google plus. You can share your contents, videos, photos and much more on the platform and build a good relationship with your target audience.

Also, upload your business videos on YouTube and control who can watch videos using G Suite Admin Console. Share it with your customers, target audience, communities to keep them posted of your up to date.

#6. Google Assistant can help you manage tasks easier and fun.

Ask Google Assistant anything or tell your assistant to do things such as turn off the light, send a message, set a reminder, or make a reservation. It’s easy to use even on the move and also work on any devices like Android phones, Google Home, and Android Wear, just say “Ok Google”.

Here is a video from Mercedes-Benz that shows how they integrate AI products into their business.

Via Mercedes-Benz


Online marketing is continuous changes and it subjects to marketers to must be alerted and stays on top of new trends. New technology has significantly changed in recent years. The earlier you adopt this changes the better opportunities to benefit these and move ahead in the race in your industry.

Tip: Try these Google AI products by adding them to your online marketing strategies and see how G Suite can help you get more sales and bring your business to the top of the industry. Start now!



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